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Experience – Noun – An event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

What’s better than a vacation through the beautiful Italian countryside? Roaring down the Amalfi Coast with the power of 500 prancing horses under your feet!!

KFT experiences are one in a lifetime journeys of discovery, joy and exhilarating new experiences. When paired with luxurious accommodations from our preferred partners and our curation, they are bound to make your Instagram followers jealous!!

KFT experiences are hand crafted as per your preferences. Call now to know more or request a quote.

  • Ferrari Travel Italy

    Drive some of the best cars in the world while experiencing Italian Luxury and Haute Gastronomy

  • Japan Gastronomical Tour

    From 3 Michelin Star sushi to street side Ramen, experience the vast and wonderful world of Japanese cuisine while staying in some of the best hotels of the world

  • Luxury Safari, SA or Botswana

    Come face to face with some of the world’s largest and most ferocious animals, all in the luxury of the worlds best game lodges

  • Iceland Ring Road

    Icy fjords, Fiery Volcanoes, and everything in between. See some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth in Iceland

  • The Best of Rajasthan

    Live like a Maharaja in some of Asia’s best hotels and experience the best of Rajasthani cuisine and culture.

  • Manta Watch, Maldives

    Dive with Manta Rays and experience the luxury of the Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru